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Telephone: 919-872-3355
Address: 3721 Benson Drive; Raleigh, NC 27609
Email: mdzande@yahoo.com

Dr. Zande, a psychologist located in Raleigh, has over 20 years experience providing marriage counseling, relationship counseling, anxiety treatment, stress management, and help with insomnia and other disorders.

Hundreds of Raleigh couples have found help through Dr. Zande's marriage counseling and relationship counseling.

It's Not Always Easy.

It's not always easy to talk about your problems. But we hope Zande Behavioral Health Services can make it a little easier.  This way, you can be comfortable talking to someone you know understands your problem, and can offer you a solution to help you enjoy your life to its' fullest. Dr. Zande is currently serving Raleigh and the RTP area, and has been since 1991. You can reach the practice at 919-872-3355.

Our Treatment Philosophy.

We strive to provide the most effective solutions to our clients by providing them with the tools to help them to function as effectively and happily as possible. You can be assured that we will work together to solve your problem as quickly and efficiently as possible. Dr. Zande specializes in short-term therapy and finds that, for most cases, this can be achieved. Of course, every person and situation is different. For answers to specific questions about your situation please feel free to contact us today!