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Is it confidential?

The information that you provide to us will be held in the strictest confidence unless you provide written permission for us to send or provide that information to other parties or if we are required by law to release the information. As mandatory reporters of abuse, we may at times be required to reveal information regarding such abuse. Dangerousness to yourself or others may also require us to break the confidentiality.

Our policy.

When you use your health care plan to pay for medical or mental health services, you give up a certain amount of confidentiality. The health care plan has the legal right to know about any information in your patient record, and in fact they have the right to examine ("audit") the record itself. All insurance companies will require, at a minimum, a diagnosis and a description of the services received. Many managed care organizations require detailed information about your history and your current condition. They may ask specific questions about such things as prior treatment, alcohol and drug use, and motivation. They may request this information by telephone or in writing.

All health care plans are required by law to protect the confidentiality of patient information and they all claim to do so. When we provide information to the companies, we must assume that the information will be treated confidentially, but we have no control over what happens to the information after we release it. For more information about insurance, follow this link: What you need to know about your health care plan.